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How Soon Should You Call the Movers for Your Moving Job?

An interstate move can provoke fear and stress: there are many details to prepare for, and often little time to coordinate them. Hiring movers can substantially contribute to reducing anxiety and making for a smooth transition to a new home.

If you’ve decided to hire movers, you are on your way to a simple and efficient moving process.  

Now, the only question remains, “how soon should I call the movers for my moving job?” 

The answer depends on a few factors.

Movers and Peak Season

The date of your move significantly affects residential moving company availability.

April through September is generally considered peak moving season since most moves nationwide occur during these months. If you need to hire movers during peak moving season, you should plan to reserve them well in advance.

For a domestic move within the United States, 8-12 weeks (2-3 months) in advance is recommended. For an international move, plan 12-16 weeks (3-4 months) in advance.

  • Tip: You might have a better chance of making a successful reservation during peak moving season if you plan your move for a weekday since weekends are in high demand during the summer.
  • Tip: Start planning early to reduce stress.

Movers and Off-Peak Season

Off-peak moving season, October through March, often provides more mover availability.

If you have a move scheduled for the off-peak season, you can generally afford to wait 6-8 weeks (1.5-2 months) to call movers for a domestic move, and 10-12 weeks (2.5-3 months) for an international move.

Moving may also be a bit more cost-effective during the off-peak moving season. 

Short-Distance Moves

Short-distance moves, like local moves, are easier to plan, but still, require advance notice for reservations. 

It is essential to consider how much moving you can reasonably do on your own and how much help you need from professional movers. Once you make the self-assessment, you can plan an accurate reservation.

For short-distance moves, plan on reserving movers in peak season, 8 weeks out, and in off-peak season 6 weeks in advance. This gives time for movers to fit you into their schedule.

Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moves (especially international) require substantially more advanced planning. To help set your move-out and move-in dates, start scaling down items in advance.

If the move is international, know that transit time to ship items by air or sea can take much longer than an intercity domestic move. (Times vary by location.)

You will need to know when you want the items to arrive in the new country to give your moving company dates to drop off moving boxes and pick up your items for shipping.

For an international move, book movers no later than three months in advance in the off-peak season, and six months ahead in peak season.

If the long-distance move is domestic, begin with the date that you want to be settled into the new home, then hire a moving service that meets your estimated time of arrival.

Schedule long-distance movers no later than two months in advance for the off-peak season and three months for peak season.

Get Ready, Set: Move!

With your strategic planning, you can successfully reserve movers for your anticipated move date, who will carry out the streamlined move you hoped for.

You’ll appreciate the security and comfort that accompanies knowing the movers have neatly packed and clearly labeled your items and that your belongings have safely arrived at your destination.

You’ll finally be ready to enjoy your new home.

Contact us to get your move started.

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