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Car Shipping Services

From autos to submarines, we can ship anything safely and on-time

At Rodi Cargo, we provide our customers with reliable auto shipping services. Any vehicles requiring the use of transport by land or sea can be handled by Rodi Cargo. Our staff is trained in the loading and crating of motorized vehicles to be shipped globally. From autos to submarines, we can ship just about anything on-time and safely to the destination of your choice. To get a free quote on our car shipping services, contact us today.

International Auto Shipping

Based in Miami & Puerto Rico, Rodi Cargo has decades of experience planning and carrying out overseas shipments. If you’re shipping your vehicle internationally, we’ll assist you with all the required paperwork and logistics. Contact us for a free car shipping quote today!

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Message About Covid 19

We are open for business as usual while we prioritize the health of our customers and employees above all else. We also offer virtual surveys for all of our customers so you can receive a quote while staying at home and practicing social distancing. Read more about our COVID-19 safety precautions and a word from our President and CEO.