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How to Make Your Office Move a Little More Fun

Office moves can be challenging and generally aren’t a favorite of either employees or management. A corporate relocation requires change, which pushes people out of their comfort zones and causes them to fear losing control. Moving also requires a lot of effort. However, office moves don’t have to be drudgery; instead, they can be energizing and fun.

Get Everyone Involved

Let employees know you are moving and why. Share as much information as possible about the move, then encourage them to provide feedback. Feedback can include anything from how the move will help grow your business to ideas for color schemes and state-of-the-art equipment. Provide sticky notes and an “Ideas to Go Board” to post their ideas for all to see.

Make It a Contest

Consider having a contest and offering prizes. You might offer these prizes for those who post the best ideas, those who pack the most boxes, or those who fill the most trashcans with discarded items they no longer need. You can also reward the best names for the new conference room or the best new signage design.

Encourage Creativity

Ask your employees about what they hope for in their new workplace. For example, do they want opportunities for a foosball table or video games to relax during breaks? Or would they prefer exercise balls and standing desks to more traditional desks and chairs? Do they want bright, energetic colors or calming ones? The more they feel they can control their environment, the more comfortable they will feel about the move.

Out With the Old

Buying new equipment, especially better technology, can help employees feel appreciated and be more productive. Ditch the old furniture, if possible, and replace it with new furniture. If possible, offer an allowance to the employee to choose and buy their furniture rather than deciding for them.

Introduce Employees to the Neighborhood

Prepare a video of what to expect in the new location. Include transportation options, the layout of the building, parking options, and where to sit. Show the video a few weeks before the move date; perhaps, you could even provide popcorn to eat while watching the video.

Provide restaurant guides and menus for popular lunch spots in the neighborhood of the new office. If possible, include coupons. As a goodwill gesture, you might even consider offering each employee a small gift card to the restaurant of their choice to encourage them to try it once the move is complete.

You could further expand this introduction by providing an essential services guide that includes dry cleaners, gyms, pharmacies, banks, and child care facilities within a small radius of the new office. You might consider partnering with some of these businesses to provide discounts to your employees as a welcome present or on a long-term basis. For example, employees who joined a local gym within the first two months of the relocation would receive a 10 percent membership discount for the first year.

Snack Station

Consider setting up a snack station in the new location on moving day. If possible, continue the snack station indefinitely to show employees how much you appreciate their hard work.

Commercial Moving Help

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