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Moving From Los Angeles to Puerto Rico

Are you looking to plan a move from Los Angeles to Puerto Rico? At Rodi Moving & Storage, we specialize in moves between the U.S. mainland and Puerto Rico and we’re the perfect moving company to conduct your move to the island.

For the past four decades, our movers and coordinators have created the most efficient, reliable, and affordable transportation systems and routes in order to move your belongings from LA to Puerto Rico all while providing you with the best customer service in the business. To get your journey started, fill out a form to receive a free, no-obligation moving quote!

Why Rodi for Your Move to Puerto Rico?

Over forty years ago, Rodi began as a humble logistics company transporting goods throughout the Caribbean. Today, we’re one of the most reputable Puerto Rico moving companies in the country conducting household moves to and from the island, servicing moves throughout the nation.

Overseas moves, such as LA to Puerto Rico, should not be left to your average moving company. The process has many more moving parts than a typical local move. We’re not just loading up a truck and driving from point A to point B. Overseas moves often incorporate road, rail, and shipping transportation which require more extensive planning; This planning is where Rodi excels. We’ll provide friendly, expedient, flexible moving services that designed to minimize stress and get your things where you want to go without any hiccups.

Why Move to Puerto Rico?

It’s no secret that California has been experiencing a bit of an exodus over the past several years. Many families are seeking lower costs of living or perhaps a reduced threat from natural disasters. Puerto Rico is a fantastic place for many Californians. The island offers many tax advantages for those looking to relocate. Moreover, those moving from LA to Puerto Rico will find the weather more than suitable.

Rodi Moving & Storage is the moving company that can manage your relocation from Los Anglese to Puerto Rico, smoothly, efficiently, and hassle-free. Request your free, no-obligation moving quote today!

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