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Submarine In Water

Rodi Special Projects: A Submarine Extraction

The team at Rodi Cargo is more than your average moving and storage company. We’ve had the opportunity to take on a number of interesting and challenging projects.

Recently, we were tasked with a special shipping assignment: to work alongside both the U.S. and Guyanese governments to transport a derelict submarine from Guyana up to Florida before shipping it down to Puerto Rico!

Our logistics team got to work planning just how we would transport such big and heavy cargo. Meanwhile, our crews got to work designing a structure that fitted to the dimensions of this particular sub like a cradle.

Needless to say, transporting such a vessel was no easy task. Not to mention, we still needed to adapt to the standards and requirements needed for shipping with the Guyanese Government. This added a degree of difficulty to an already complicated project.


Finally, once the cradle was constructed and we had worked out all of the logistics, the sub was extracted from the ocean and loaded onto a cargo ship. Then, it was off to Port Everglades, Florida. From there, we trucked the sub to Jacksonville before loading it onto yet another ship. This ship sailed it to its final destination in Puerto Rico where it is now used by the DEA for training purposes.

Conducting a special project like that is no easy feat. It requires a lot of talented people and outside-the-box-thinkers. Luckily, we have a lot of those at Rodi Moving & Storage.

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