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4 Secrets Your Movers Wish You Knew

You’ve found your new home, and it’s almost time to move. You’ve been busy getting ready in the run-up to moving day — packing, making donation runs to your local charity, organizing, and labeling boxes.

Thankfully, you’ll be working with professional residential movers to make the big day easier. After all, movers have the necessary experience and equipment for a smooth move.

But while working with movers will definitely reduce your stress level, you can take steps to make the moving day even better. Read on to learn the secrets professional movers wish you knew so that you can get the most from your moving service.

Moving Secret #1: Plan Logistics in Advance

Ever heard the old saying, “the devil’s in the details?” It definitely applies to moving day. While you may be familiar with the quirks of your home (winding stairs, small elevators, steep driveways, lack of parking), your movers are not.

Take steps to clear your movers’ path. For instance, you may consider:

  • Reserving convenient parking spaces to ensure the moving truck can park near both your old home and your new home
  • Letting movers know about stairs, slopes, narrow hallways, and any other obstacles to a smooth move
  • Reserving an elevator in your building
  • Removing all obstacles from hallways and pathways inside and out

Let your moving company know about any details that may affect the move. This will help movers plan ahead and ensure they bring the right equipment and crew.

Moving Secret #2: Be Ready for Your Movers

What does “being ready” look like? If you are packing yourself, it means all your belongings are boxed, labeled, sealed, and ready to be placed on the truck. Disassemble furniture as necessary, and unplug appliances. Empty and purge gas tanks, such as in lawnmowers and BBQ grills.

Of course, a few loose odds and ends are to be expected. But if movers arrive and you’re still packing, it’s going to take them longer to do their job.

Moving Secret #3: Empty Your Drawers

Drawers may look like boxes —  but they’re not. Moving heavy furniture is difficult to begin with, but when drawers are full of items, the process just gets more challenging. Consult with your moving company to see how they prefer to handle this situation, but prepare to make adjustments.

When drawers are left full of belongings, the furniture will need to be wrapped tightly to keep those drawers from sliding out and spilling, increasing the chance of damage.

Instead, empty the drawer contents into boxes. Your belongings will be safe, your furniture protected, and your movers grateful.

Moving Secret #4: Stay Available

Should you help your movers? The answer depends on a few factors, like the nature of your move and, of course, the nature of the help offered.

In some cases, your help may be welcome. In other cases, it may keep your movers from doing their job.

Moving companies have policies in place that are designed to keep you, your items, and the moving crew safe.  Get to know these policies before your movers arrive, so you’ll have a better idea of your role in the process and always ask movers what they would prefer.

Movers generally prefer to handle the work themselves but have you remain close by and available if they have questions about your move that only you can answer.

Moving Day

You hire a moving company to make your move less stressful for you and your family. Help ensure a smooth move by observing proper moving etiquette — taking these steps will help movers to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

If you need movers, contact us. We can make your moving day a pleasure.


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