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How to Choose a Storage Space for Staging Boxes

At the beginning of your moving process, you need to make a big decision. Will you keep everything in the house until moving day or stage it in storage until then?

Renting a storage space is a great way to keep your home livable as you pack. But it’s sometimes hard to tell which one is right for you.

Keep these factors in mind to help you choose.

Research Storage Options

It’s smart to begin by looking at all your options. Most moving companies offer short-term storage, so we’re an excellent place to start. It might be your best choice, especially if you aren’t looking for long-term storage.

As you research, think about how you’ll get to the unit. If you’re the one doing the loading, you may want to choose one that’s close to home.

Ask About Access to the Storage Unit

Before you start loading up, it’s important to determine how you can access the storage unit. Some units are self-service, but others go straight into a secure place until you move.

Self-service units usually have closing hours. You should know what they are before you sign for one.

Keep in mind that access is more about loading and unloading, not browsing. After you pack a box, you probably won’t want to open it until you get to your new place.

Go Big, Not Small

The truth about moving is that you’re going to have more stuff than you thought. Much more.

If we asked 20 people to estimate how much storage they need, we’d get 20 wrong answers. That’s why if you have the choice, going bigger is almost always the best one. Take what you think is the right size and double it.

Think about it this way. You might not be able to pack as fast as you want. But if you get a burst of energy, you don’t want the storage to run out too quickly.

Don’t Forget the Dimensions

It’s tempting to focus on the unit’s square footage, but this may be a mistake. You also need to look at the dimensions.

The dimensions are most important for oversized items like large appliances or vehicles. If you want to pack up a big chest freezer or a bunch of bikes, you need them to fit.

You should also pay attention to dimensions if you’re loading it yourself. You need to be able to place a box or piece of furniture and get back out safely.

Confirm the Amenities

Look for a facility that is licensed and insured. It’s also essential that your rental unit is climate-controlled and fitted with 24/7 electronic surveillance and security. Perhaps you have some large or out-of-the-ordinary items that you need to store, then look for a storage facility with open and racked storage.

Avoid Moving Twice

The one downside to packing boxes into storage is that it makes you move twice. If you hire professional movers to save you the physical labor, it makes no sense to do most of it yourself.

When you arrange for storage through your moving company, you’ll find the perfect middle ground. We can load it into storage for you before we carry it to your new home.

Moving can be faster and more effective if you put some of your packed items into storage. By taking this advice, you can choose the option that will work better for your move.




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