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4 Ways to Make Your Family Feel More Comfortable in a New City or State

Moving to a new city or state is stressful, but adding a family to the mix makes the experience more challenging. On the one hand, you need to figure out the logistics of moving and settling once you’ve arrived. But, on the other hand, you need to ensure everyone is comfortable, not just yourself.

Fortunately, we’re here to help with four tips and tricks to make your family feel more comfortable when making a residential move to a new city or state.

1. Start With Similarities

What is your life like where you live right now? For example, do you and your family go out every weekend? Are your kids involved in sports or other non-school activities? If so, determine how to maintain that lifestyle in a new city or state. For example, if you love exploring the outdoors, what are some excellent parks or hiking trails in your new location?

Focusing on these elements can make it easier to transition because your life isn’t changing that much – just the scenery. Approaching the move like that can make it easier to stay positive.

2. Be Open and Communicative

Since you’re all adjusting together, it’s easier for everyone to participate in the shared experience. However, at first, it’s crucial to talk openly and honestly about what life is like in a new city or state.

For example, you can talk to your kids about their new school and what they do differently. Ask them whether they like these changes or not and why. If they have trouble meeting friends, you can talk to them about ways to open up to other kids and play with them.

Another option is to discuss your own struggles and how they relate to what your children are facing. For example, working in a new city can be as daunting as attending a new school, and if your little ones see the similarities, they may be more comfortable opening up.

3. Make a Point to Explore

As you all settle in, you’ll have to find various places like grocery stores, department stores, clinics, and more. However, you can also actively explore as much of the city or state as possible.  This can be as simple as enjoying a new neighborhood playground or a cultural museum.

Have everyone pick a destination and go to a new one every week or twice a month. Afterward, talk about what you liked or didn’t like and whether you want to return.

4. Pay Attention to Everyone’s Interests

No matter the size of your family, it’s crucial that everyone is involved in the transition process from the beginning. When you put effort into making everyone feel accommodated and comfortable, it’s much easier for everyone to stay positive. In addition to having each family member pick a place to visit, you can look up local groups, sports, or events that cater to individual interests.

Overall, the more you support each other during this time, the faster you can feel comfortable and excited about living in a new city or state.

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