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5 Signals It’s Time to Move Out of Your Home Office and Into a Real Office

Starting a business from home is an excellent way to manage your life and income. However, what happens when you start to become successful? If you’re running a company from a home office, how do you know when it’s time to upgrade to a separate space? We’ve compiled a list of five signs that your home workspace isn’t cutting it anymore, and it’s time to move your office.

1. Running Out of Personal Workspace

When your business is small, you can likely handle most of your operations and logistics from a single computer and filing cabinet. However, as your business grows, you might have to invest in other equipment, such as printers, fax machines, phone lines, and more. Even if you get an all-in-one unit, you still have to store supplies for it.

A sure sign that you’re outgrowing a home office is if your desk or workspace is starting to get too cluttered, and you have nowhere else to put anything. Moving into a real office lets you stay more organized and on top of things.

2. Need a Place to Store Inventory

One of the easiest startups to run out of your home is an e-commerce or dropshipping company. However, while you don’t always have to store inventory on-site, it’s often more profitable to do so. Inventory also doesn’t have to be products, either. Perhaps you rent equipment or supplies to other people, or maybe you’re storing marketing materials and office supplies.

Regardless of the situation, if your garage is starting to get full, it’s time to move into a bigger space.

3. Meeting Clients Face to Face

These days, virtual meetings are much more common than they used to be. However, a virtual environment can’t necessarily replicate face-to-face interactions. For that, you need a high-quality office space to meet and greet potential clientele.

Even if your home office looks good, having clients come to your personal address can seem unprofessional. Also, sharing your home address may be a security issue if you plan to host strangers.

4. Profit Margin is Pretty High

As a startup, you need to keep your operating costs low until you start making some significant sales. For this reason, it makes sense to run the company from a home office until your earnings reach a certain point.

So, if you’re starting to make big bucks with your business, moving to a new office space can seal the deal and ensure that you can grow with the company.

5. You Need Space for Equipment or Workers

Even if your business is 100 percent digital, you’ll likely need room for multiple computers, servers, and other devices. As your company grows, it also makes sense to hire employees so that you don’t have to do everything yourself.

While some business models allow for remote workers, many companies require in-person staff. Realistically, your home office won’t be able to accommodate more than a couple of individuals at a time, so as you expand, it’s necessary to move into a bigger unit.

Move Into Your New Office With Us!

Once you’re ready to move into a new office, give us a call. Of course, you have other logistics and operations to worry about, so let us handle the moving details for you. Contact us today to see what we have to offer.


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