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5 Ways to Use Social Media To Meet People Before Your Move

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can also be intimidating. It can be a challenge to make new friends in your new home. You might feel a bit lost and find it a challenge to fit in. You may be missing your old friends and old activities, all while trying to get used to a new job and a new home. While it might be tempting to stay inside and binge Netflix, it may be helpful to reach out to people in your area to begin to build a new support network. 

If you are making a home move, here are some ways to use social media to get acquainted with people in your new area.

Join Facebook Groups for Similar Interests

Browse Facebook to find groups in your new area that fit your interests. Enjoy running? Find a running club that you can join one or two nights a week when you get to your new location. Love painting? Find your local paint and sip shop, so you have a place to go to indulge your passion the minute you get to your new home. Connect with others in the group to ease your transition to your new neighborhood.

Checkout Nextdoor

In part, your new neighborhood and the people in it will make your new house feel like home. The Nextdoor app is a unique private social network for those who live in your surrounding community. Designed for people who want to feel connected to the community, you can reach out to neighbors and stay informed about things happening in the area.

You can find helpful information as well as local goods and services on Nextdoor. Learn about everything from the local block party dates to the neighborhood watch meeting minutes. It’s an excellent resource for being connected to the neighborhood.

Try MeetUp

MeetUp is an app that matches you up with others who want to take part in similar activities. If you wish to join a basketball game, a craft night, or a book club, MeetUp will guide you in the right direction. Reach out to people on MeetUp to get to know new friends before you arrive. Follow each other on social media, too —  this is a great way to see who might be a good fit for a new friendship.

Reach Out to Contacts with Mutual Friends

Message your current friends and ask them if they know anyone in your new city. Ask them to introduce you through social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Connecting through a mutual friend is a great conversation starter. Knowing that you have a friend to go out for dinner within your new neighborhood is a fun way to feel comfortable and excited about getting settled in your new home.

Use Facebook Events

While Facebook groups are a great way to connect with new people, don’t forget about Facebook events! You can search for the events in your new neighborhood by date or type, and connect with others interested in attending the event. This is a good way to get to know others before you arrive and fill up your social calendar.

Moving On

Using social media is an excellent way to ease the transition to a new town and neighborhood. Find one that works for you and get ready to enjoy your new home.

If you are still planning your move, we can help. Call for a free quote today.


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