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Get Your New Home Ready for Moving In

Moving is one of the most exciting activities you can do. If you plan ahead and know these tips and tricks for having a successful move, your first day in your new home will be one of the most fun. 

An efficient move is all about being prepared.

Utilities and Mail

About two weeks before you move, contact your utility providers and let them know when and where to set up your new service. Don’t forget; you also need to tell them that you will be ending your service at your current location.

This also applies to mail forwarding, your internet service, and any recurring subscriptions you have, such as magazines and prescriptions.

Taking care of the logistics before you start moving is a great way to cut down on stress on the big day. 

The Layout 

Odds are, the layout of your new home will be somewhat different from your current home. Keep this in mind while you’re getting ready to move.

Layout affects not only where you place your furniture, but also where your movers drop off boxes and what you should pack first.

If you can, draw the layout of your new home before you move and plan out where you will be placing all of your furniture and items. There’s nothing more hectic than not knowing where to put that couch on the day of your move. Even if the layout is a rough outline, you can always change it up after you’ve settled in.


It’s a lot easier to clean before you move in than afterward. Take the time to clean out your new home before you’ve settled in, and your moving experience will be all the better for it.

This way, after you’re done unpacking, you’ll just have some light tidying up to do, such as dealing with the extra boxes and packing material and not have to deep clean your new home on your first day there. 

When the Movers Arrive

It’s good to have your old home ready when the movers arrive. If your moving company offers a packing service, make sure you have everything in your old home organized, and you’ve discussed packing options with the movers beforehand.

If you have packed everything yourself, make sure that those boxes are labeled effectively so that your movers can quickly and easily get all of your stuff out of your old home and into your new one. 


Unpacking is a snap if your movers have an unpacking service. They can handle the work for you while you focus on settling in. Discuss options with your movers beforehand so that everyone has a clear idea of what is going where. 

If you’re unpacking things yourself, remember to start with the essentials. Unpack the cleaning supplies, bathroom, and kitchen first and then start working on the bedrooms and other rooms of the house. Think about what you will need to use right away and start your unpacking there. 

On the Move

Sure moving is challenging, but it can also be fun! Let us help ease the stress of your next move. Contact us for a quote today.


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