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5 Tips From the Pros to Get You Ready for Your Movers!

Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you take the time to prepare for your household move, and with a little insider info from the pros, your next move will be the easiest move you’ve ever had.

Moving can actually be fun if you know these five tips for getting ready to move!

Know Where Things Are Going

If you know where your belongings are going to go in your new home, the movers can make sure that your items get to the rooms they need to be in. This makes the entire moving process flow smoothly and prevents any hang-ups on the day of the move.

Before you move into your new home, walk through the property, and think about where you would like your belongings to go. Make a list, so the movers know where to take things when they arrive at your new home. 

Unplug Your Electronics 

Moving cables, wires, and cords can be tricky, even for professional movers. You can give them a hand by unplugging electronics and bundlings up cables ahead of time. This cuts down on the moving time and helps you get into your new home faster.

Place rubber bands or zip ties around the cables to prevent tangling. Place any cables or wires not connected to equipment in a plastic bag and label the bag. 

Bundling up cables from computers and entertainment centers also helps you unpack when you get to your new home!

PRO TIP: Before unplugging your electronics, take a photo of your cables plugged in. Referring to the picture will make reassembly in your new home a snap.

Take Things Off the Walls

Before the movers arrive, take all of your pictures and artwork off the walls. Place these items in one area of the home to help movers handle the packing process. Paintings, pictures, and posters can be handled by movers much more easily when they can see how many of these items they have to move.

This will also help the movers plan out how they’re going to use the space in their trucks and make the unloading process more manageable when they get to your new home.

Start Organized

Being organized will not only help you unpack at your new home, but it will also help your movers. Label boxes with the contents as well as with the rooms they will be going in at your new house. This way, your movers have a good idea of what’s contained inside of any given box and where they will be placing it when they get to your new home.

Make sure the boxes that contain things you’re going to need on your first days in your new home, like cleaning products and food, are clearly labeled. This way, they won’t wind up underneath a pile of boxes full of things you weren’t planning to unpack for a few days. 

Talk with Your Movers!

A good moving company will want to meet your needs for the upcoming move. If you have any special requirements or concerns, discuss these with your movers ahead of time. Things like fragile items, anything you’ll be handling on your own, and special requests can be addressed beforehand to make the move easy on everyone. 

The more information that the moving company has, the better your move will be.

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