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Looking Forward to Moving to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a US territory in the Caribbean, offering many benefits to those who choose to move there. Beautiful weather, expansive beaches, and an accommodating public can make the island warm and welcoming. Relocating to Puerto Rico will give you time to experience the territory’s unique characteristics. Here are some things to look forward to.

Puerto Rico Offers Tax Benefits

One of the primary advantages of living in Puerto Rico is that you can pay fewer taxes. To take advantage of the lower taxes, be sure you meet the requirements to qualify for these incentives. In short, you must pass a few tests.

  • The Presence Test means you must live on the island at least 183 days out of the year. Since you’re moving to Puerto Rico, that should be easy to verify after your first year here.
  • The Tax Home Test says your primary residence or business must be in Puerto Rico. While you can have property on the mainland, it must not be your primary address (i.e., what’s listed for your personal or business tax forms).
  • Finally, the Closer Connection Test requires establishing strong ties to the island. These ties include opening a bank account, registering as a Puerto Rican voter, and more; basically, the things you need to do anyway if you move there.

Lower Cost of Living

Another advantage of living in PR is that living costs are around 14 percent less than on the mainland. In addition to the tax incentives, your money goes much further here than anywhere else on the US mainland.

It will help if you are nostalgic for cash. Most businesses rely on cash sales. While credit card readers are available, merchants prefer cash because it’s easier to handle and doesn’t require a transaction fee. This is one of the reasons the cost of living is a bit lower… 2-3% is not built into every price. Cash may be the only option sometimes, so you should plan accordingly.  

You Don’t Need Cold-Weather Clothing

As a Caribbean island, the temperature in Puerto Rico rarely gets below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, even at night. You can likely ditch any cold-weather clothing during your move.

Also, because the weather is rarely cold, expect it to be warm or hot for most of the year. It could take a while to acclimate if you’re moving from a colder climate.

High Population Density Means Things May Be Closer

While Puerto Rico has a much smaller population, it has a much higher density. This means people and businesses are closer together. There are, of course, more rural areas, but the main cities have more people, businesses, and activity per square mile. Depending on where you live, most of what you need may be within walking distance.

So, with more people living in smaller areas, this can lead to city traffic jams. Consider whether a car is necessary for you. If it is, then be prepared for a bit of traffic.

A Slower, More Relaxed Pace of Life

Be ready to slow down and take advantage of a more relaxed approach. Things don’t necessarily happen quickly in the Territory, and adapting to the more relaxed way of living is a natural stress reliever. 

Along these lines, obtaining documents and licenses will take longer than mainlanders might expect. A driver’s license requires more time and documents to obtain. Similarly, starting a business or buying real estate can also come with bureaucratic hurdles. If you can “go with the flow,” even dealing with red tape shouldn’t be a problem.

You Don’t Have to Learn Spanish

Because PR is an American territory, almost everyone speaks English. To fully immerse yourself in Puerto Rican culture, though, learning the language is ideal. Speaking Spanish can help endear you to the locals, making assimilating into your new home easier.

Move to Puerto Rico With Us!

Moving to Puerto Rico can be a lot of fun, but it also involves transporting your belongings across the ocean. Fortunately, we specialize in helping people move to the island. We can help with the planning and logistics. Contact us today and start living the island life!



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