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Puerto Rico Parks to Visit This Spring

Puerto Rico has terrific weather year-round, but spring is a great time to get outside. With lush foliage in bloom and the sun sparkling along the ocean shores, it’s the perfect season to grab your backpack and explore some open spaces. Here are a few favorite parks in Puerto Rico to visit in the spring.

El Yunque National Forest

El Yunque National Rainforest may be only an hour from the capital city, San Juan, but it feels a world apart. Spring is the most fantastic season to visit this national forest, tucked away in the northeastern part of the island. It is a veritable tropical paradise all year round.

After winter’s end, the orchids bloom, bringing exotic splashes of color to the already verdant rainforest. The park is known for its biodiversity, so keep your eyes peeled — and camera-ready — for local residents, such as bats, mongoose, parakeets, woodpeckers, and geckos. And, of course, you’ll love the two-note song of the resident coqui frogs.

With 24 miles of trails, you can take your pick of adventures. Take a leisurely stroll on the paved El Portal Visitors’ Trail or trek to the Yokahu Waterfall. If you prefer to drive, there are almost 19 miles to explore by car.

Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge

On the opposite corner of the island lies the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge. Nestled on the southwest coast, you can explore this stunning park, which offers over 1,880 acres.

The refuge provides a safe haven for more than 245 plant species and 145 types of birds, including 78 endangered or threatened species. It also serves as an overwintering ground for many migratory species, so spring is a great time to observe the birds in their natural habitat.

Take a quick walk to the salt flats for fantastic photo ops. Known as Las Salinas, these shallow coastal lagoons boast a stunning pink hue thanks to a unique combination of salt, algae, and water.

Toro Verde Adventure Park

If you’re in the mood for some excitement, head to Toro Verde Adventure Park. This ecotourism destination offers thrills and a bit of adrenaline to spice up the season.

Here, you can glide over the rainforest canopy on seven of the world’s longest ziplines, take the 39-foot Toro cable jump, ride a mountain bike attached to a zipline, or rappel a waterfall.

After your adventure, hop into a golf cart and take a guided, leisurely tour along the Toro Trail. Follow it all up with a dinner at La Cueva del Toro.

Puerto Rico is packed with excellent parks, and spring is a perfect time to get out and take advantage of this tropical paradise. Puerto Rico parks have it all, whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation in the great outdoors.

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