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Practical Tips for Moving With Your Dog

Moving can be stressful for dogs. However, good planning can lessen the stress and keep your pet comfortable throughout your household relocation.

Prepare Your Dog

Maintain your dog’s routine for as long as possible. Even though you’ll be packing before the move, give your dog the same attention you usually do.

Talk to the dog about the move to prepare him. Explain that you are moving and your expectations for your life in the new place. While the pet won’t understand the words, they’ll feel comfort hearing your calming voice.

Ensure your pet is comfortable with her travel arrangements. If traveling in a crate in your car, help them acclimate to it gradually. If your pet travels on a plane, take him through the car wash with you to prepare him. The car wash sounds are similar to plane sounds. Talk to your pet in a calm voice as you go through the car wash.

Ensure the microchip and ID cards have the new address. Also, renew any prescriptions, update vaccines, and research veterinarians in your new location.

If you’re moving internationally, research the tests and paperwork required to bring your dog into the country.

Assemble a dog essentials kit with food, water bowls, poop bags, medications, and other items your pet will need right away. Keep the kit with you.

On Moving Day

Many dogs become anxious when strangers enter the home and remove familiar furniture. One way to avoid this is to arrange a play date for your dog with a neighbor or family member.

Talk to your veterinarian about other anxiety-reducing options if you can’t arrange a play date. Many recommend against boarding them as they already sense something is amiss and may feel left behind. In some cases, your vet may recommend an anti-anxiety medication.

If you keep your dog with you on moving day, confine them to their favorite crate or one room in the house. Mark the door, “Do Not Open.” Check on them throughout the day, offering words of comfort.

When you arrive at the new home, walk your dog around the yard on a leash to help them become familiar with the yard. Keep them on a leash or confine them in their crate while the movers bring in your furniture. Put away all cleaning products and other hazards before you let them explore independently.

In the New Home

Keep the furniture arrangements similar to those in your old home. Maintain the same schedule and routines. For example, if your pet slept with you in the old house, let them do so in the new one. Ease into giving your dog unsupervised time in the home or yard.

Watch your dog for signs of anxiety or depression, such as excessive barking, failing to eat or drink, or biting. If you notice these signs, call a vet right away.

Pro Movers Can Help 

A professional mover can advise on moving with your pet and provide other services to help your move go smoothly. Contact us for a free quote.

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