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Purging Your Closet Before You Move: Tips To Make It Simple

When you’re getting set make a household move, the last thing you want to do is spend your time and money packing up clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Purging your closet before a move is a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Check out these tips for making cleaning out your closet as painless as possible.

1. Empty It Out 

Take all off the clothes out of the closet. If you have drawers, cubbies, and shelves in the closet, empty those as well. You want to see what you’re working with. 

Lay it all out, and prepare to be overwhelmed. Work in sections if you want, but everything needs to be out in the open.

2. Wipe Down Surfaces 

Each time you empty a drawer or shelf, wipe it out. Cleaning as you go will save time later.

3. Create Separate Piles

Go through each item that you have laid out. Ask yourself, “Do you love it?” and, “When was the last time you wore it?” Then create your different piles.

  • Keep Pile
    These are the clothes that you wear regularly — those that you’ve worn in the past year.
  • Discard Pile
    Include clothes that are overly worn, stained, or torn. 
  • Donate Pile
    Any clothes that are in good condition but are no longer a good fit for you – either physically or due to lifestyle – should go in the donate pile. Accessories, shoes, and jewelry can go into this pile as well.
  • Sell Pile
    If you have designer clothes that are in good condition, consider selling them at a consignment shop or through an online app. This can be an excellent way to make a little extra money.

4. Plan Out Your Future Space

Think about the space you’re going to have in your new home, and plan accordingly. You may want to begin to separate your clothes according to the season, especially if you’re going to have less space in your new closet than you have in your current closet. Simply packing clothes that are not seasonally appropriate into a large tub can be a great way to save space.

5. Organize It

Think about how you’d like to arrange your new closet, and organize the keep pile accordingly. Whether you choose to organize by color, by function, or in another way, be sure that your new organizational system makes it easy to sort through your clothes. Decide on a well-suited system to your new home and make your new closet feel organized.

Make Moving Easier

Like most people, you may have held onto lots of t-shirts from old schools or sports teams. Now is your chance to pare down. Select a few favorites and donate the rest. It will feel good to eliminate anything that doesn’t fit anymore as well as items you don’t need. Moving is the ideal time to get that closet cleaned out.

Purging your closet is one step in the packing process. If you are still making plans for your move, let us help. Contact us today. We can help make your move effortless.


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