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10 Things to Discard Before a Long-Distance Move

Whether relocating due to general life or for business, any time you are moving beyond your current hometown’s parameters, the moving process gets a bit more intimidating. Between traveling back and forth to get things set up at the new place and loose ends tied at the old, you will likely want to get your belongings transported with as few trips as possible.

Of course, having an excellent professional moving company to help takes some of the strain out of the process, but even then, the smaller you can keep your load of belongings, the faster and the cheaper everything will be. 

Take a look at ten things most people can eliminate from their collection of belongings before a long-distance move.

1. Old Coffee Mugs and Drinkware

We all have them—old mugs and drinkware that don’t match anything or hold any personal value. Drinkware can quickly build up to fill an entire box from your kitchen, which is really not necessary. Cups, glasses, and coffee mugs are usually inexpensive and easily replaced.

2. Food

Most people get rid of perishables before a move. Instead, consider dropping off food items to a local food pantry. Some organizations, such as Move For Hunger, are committed to fighting hunger and reducing food waste. Move for Hunger has a network of socially-responsible moving companies that gives their customers, clients, and residents an opportunity to donate their food when they move. Check with your mover to see if they participate.

Things like canned goods are heavy and take up a lot of space. Bagged flour, sugar, etcetera can just lead to a mess. Maybe hanging onto everything in your spice cabinet is a good idea, but otherwise, it’s easier to restock when you get where you’re going.

3. Area Rugs

Unless you have some sentimental attachment, area rugs are best passed on before moving, especially the larger ones. These things can be so awkward, even if rolled neatly, because of their size, which means they use up a lot of space in the moving truck. Chances are you will want something fresh for your new space. Donate gently used rugs to Goodwill.

Also, eliminate any extra carpet rolls you have saved from earlier carpet installations. You don’t want to cart carpet remnants with you across the country on your long-distance move. 

4. Cleaning Supplies

Transporting a bunch of half-used cleaning supplies can be risky for a long trip. Most moving companies won’t transport them either. Plus, these can be the first things you look for when you get to a new house, so you may end up buying more just to keep from having to dig them out.

5. Small Kitchen Appliances or Odd Unused Gadgets

Veggie spiralizers, juicers, popcorn makers, bread machines, and toaster ovens are small kitchen appliances many people have and barely ever use. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider donating what you never use to save space.

6. Worn Towels

Make use of good towels to protect breakables as you pack, but old, worn-out towels with frays, holes, and stains are better tossed. Towels are reasonably priced enough to pick up new later if needed.

7. Loose Documents

If you can’t tuck your documents into a filing cabinet, drawer, or folder, condense them. Most people have stacks of old documents not worth hanging onto, which can take up a lot of space. Shred them and recycle the paper.

8. Clothing and Shoes You Never Wear

Go through your closet with a highly discerning eye. If there are things in there you never wear, there’s no better time to send them off to the thrift store or clothing donation center. Shoes don’t pack well, and clothes take up tons of room.

9. Books You’ll Never Read Again

Books are extremely heavy and can take up a lot of room in your moving truck. Keep your favorite books and pass the rest along to a friend or secondhand shop.

10. Knick-Knacks, Trinkets, and Do-Dads

All those little decorations can make your decor pop, but these things are super easy to replace. These small household decor items are easily broken, a pain to pack, and will make your load heavier.

Simplify Your Move with a Serious Declutter and Pro Movers

Moving long distances can be challenging, but the less you have to pack along for the trip, the easier things are all the way around. Reach out to us for a free long-distance moving quote.



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