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Tips for A More Eco-Friendly Move

Moving is a time for a fresh start. It provides an opportunity to make positive changes in your new home. One positive change is to reduce your carbon footprint. By knowing a few tricks, you can make your household move more eco-friendly and, often, budget-friendly.

Donate, Gift, or Sell

Sort your belongings and take only those items you need or love to your new home. Rather than discarding things you don’t want, place them in three piles — to sell in a rummage sale or on e-bay, give to friends, or donate to charity.

Re-Use Boxes

Ask friends, family, and local businesses for boxes they might otherwise throw in the bin. Use containers you already have, such as plastic bins, gym totes, clothes hampers, and suitcases for packing.

Once you’ve used all the containers you have, consider asking your moving company for reusable boxes. These boxes are made of plastic and work similarly to the plastic bins you may have used for storage. You rent the number you need and have the moving company pick them up once you’ve settled into your new home.

If you use cardboard boxes, recycle them. Sturdy boxes can be used for more than one move. Offer them to the next family that’s moving by making them available through the Facebook Marketplace or the Nextdoor app.

Use Green Packing Materials

Use blankets, towels, clothes, and other cloth items rather than packing peanuts and plastic that have no use after moving day. If you’ve used all the cloth items and still need packing materials, go first to easily recyclable materials such as newspapers. If you do use peanuts, use those that are color-coded green. They are just as effective as the white ones but are biodegradable.

Shop Your Pantry

As your moving date nears, stop making your weekly run to the grocery store. Instead, prepare meals using ingredients already in your pantry. An ingredient-based meal planning website or app, such as Supercook, can help. Shopping your pantry can reduce food waste and save you money.

Clean Green

When cleaning your home, avoid using products with toxic chemicals. Diluted white vinegar cleans kitchens, bathrooms, and hardwood floors. Baking soda will clean grime and dirt, such as in the shower.

Wash in Cold Water

Washing linens, bedding, and other cold-water items, rather than warm or hot water, will save energy.  Air drying them will increase the savings.

Avoid Packing the Entire Kitchen at Once

If you pack up your whole kitchen all at once, you’ll be forced to use paper and plastic utensils, plates, and cups throughout your move. Hold out enough kitchen items to get you through your move. Pack the last items in a box just before your move. Mark it and keep it where you can find it right away in your new home to avoid using non-sustainable products there, as well.

Dispose of Chemicals Properly

Most cleaning products and chemicals have instructions for safe disposal. Read and follow these directions to discard chemicals in an environmentally-friendly way. Check with your local municipality for proper disposal recommendations.

Hire A Professional

Cutting down on fuel and emissions will significantly lower the carbon footprint. Professional movers know how to pack and load trucks efficiently. They can use the smallest truck possible for your move and can finish the job in only one trip.

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