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4 Strategies For Moving Into A Larger Living Space

While there seems to be an endless supply of strategies for downsizing, more often than not, many people are actually upsizing into larger homes, apartments, and office spaces. 

Perhaps the conventional wisdom is that upsizing doesn’t appear as complicated. Just pack up your stuff and have a moving crew deposit it in rooms with ample square footage. The problem with that reasoning is that every move comes with its own set of unique challenges. 

Here are four strategies everyday people can use to overcome upsizing challenges.

1: Make Better Use of Storage Space

One of the primary reasons people decide to upsize is that they have exceeded their current living space. Maybe you can’t park your car in the attached garage anymore because it’s been converted to a storage area. Perhaps the attic can’t fit one more box of decorations or family photo albums. Or worse, you are renting a storage unit because you have too much stuff.

While a larger living space may accommodate all of your belongings, it’s essential to consider where the moving crew will place them. Consider measuring out areas you plan to use for storing rarely used items and develop an organizational plan—shelves, closet organizers, racks, and pegboard rank among the more space-efficient ways to minimize clutter.

2: Purge the Non-Essential Items that Create Clutter

Reducing the clutter ranks among the top-used strategies when moving into a smaller living space. It can prove just as valuable when upsizing. These are strategies that can help you eliminate unused items.

  • Donate underused items to charitable organizations.
  • Offer family members keepsakes that have personal value to them.
  • Hold a tag sale and make a few bucks on surplus items.
  • Put junk on the curb before moving day arrives.

These common downsizing strategies are usually used to help people fit into smaller spaces. When upsizing, it makes your new home feel even bigger and likely more organized. And that feels good.

3: Rethink Your Use of Living Space

When upsizing, it’s essential to remember that you will enjoy bigger rooms and possibly more of them. This opens the door to reimagining day-to-day living. For example, people that have transitioned to remote work may feel the need to have a designated home office going forward.

This may require you to have a new desk and ergonomic chair delivered. For moving efficiency’s sake, consider making a list of the items you will transport to the newly-minted office. Box all of the electronic devices and support products and label them accordingly. The point is that you can utilize a larger living space in vastly different ways. By planning, the professional movers can have everything in its proper place when you unpack.

4: Live in Your Space First Before You Fill It

Your new house is a long-term investment. Allow your family time to acclimate to your new space before you rush into buying extra things to fill it. Create your new living habits first for a little while, then determine what additional furniture, appliances, and other comforts you need to add to your new lifestyle. Giving yourself this adjustment time will help you avoid a purchase you might soon regret.

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