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4 Tips for a Successful Office Move

Planning and packing up for an office move presents many logistical and physical challenges. To simplify or eliminate these hurdles, follow these tips to help prepare you for a successful office move.

1. Plan Early

The earlier you plan your office move, the easier it’ll go. Ideally, you’ll want at least six months to ensure you do not miss important details. Planning details to iron out as soon as possible include:

  • Reviewing current lease
  • Finding new space
  • Choosing a moving date
  • Creating a moving checklist
  • Determining moving budget
  • Figuring out new floor plans
  • Booking a professional mover

Remember, chances are you’ll be signing a long-term agreement and want to ensure the location is the right one for your business. It’s not like you can easily pick up and move at the end of your lease like a residential home since moving is a significant business disruption for most companies.

2. Speak to Your Employees

Don’t let your employees discover through the grapevine or accidentally. Speak to them as soon as possible if you decide to relocate.

Change is difficult for most people, and the more time staff has to prepare, the easier it’ll be for them to digest the news and accept that change is coming. Remember, a move impacts their day-to-day responsibilities, commutes, childcare arrangements, travel costs, and other factors that disrupt their daily routines.

Keeping your employees in the loop increases the chances they’ll be more accepting and feel like a part of a team, not an afterthought, which can negatively impact morale. Keeping employees involved in the planning also helps to ensure you don’t miss any critical steps. Remember, frontline employees are heavily involved in operations.

3. Announce Your Relocation

Make sure the public knows about your relocation, including customers, clients, vendors, partners, suppliers, and the broader community. If you wait too long, this can create confusion and become a significant business disruptor. Both of which can harmfully affect your bottom line. Use the following communication channels to let the public know about the move.

  • Add a banner to the company’s website’s home page and other key pages
  • Send out social media announcements
  • Write a blog post about the move (then include a paragraph in future blog posts mentioning the move and linking to information)
  • Place signs at your place of business
  • Mail out postcards
  • Send out e-blasts to mailing lists
  • Run radio ads

If you cover all bases, you ensure the public knows about the change of location. Once you have specifics along with your address, such as any change in phone number, send out that information.

4. Hire Professional Movers

Moving is a significant change for employees, and while many may help, there is too much work to juggle a move and still perform daily tasks. Hiring professional movers to help pack, unpack, and transport the office helps to eliminate stress and makes for a seamless move. Not to mention averts workplace injuries and other risks.

Let Us Help You Relocate

Hiring a professional moving company that knows how to perform a safe and efficient move can help prevent employee injuries, reduce stress, and result in a successful relocation.

 Planning an office move and need help transporting, packing, and unpacking? Call us today for a free quote.


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