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5 Tips to Get Your Teens to Pack Their Stuff

Teenagers can be a great help during the household moving process. You just have to motivate them in the right way.

Teens may have big feelings about the move. And just like you, they may see packing as a lot of work.

These tips give you a few ideas to help your teens stay productive while packing.

1. Maximize Flexibility

Like adults, teens don’t usually enjoy someone else telling them what to do. However, as they age, they may be more likely to push back on demands they see as unreasonable.

The best way to shortcut the argument is to set requirements and let your teen decide how to achieve them. For example, set a goal of packing a certain number of boxes daily.

Try to avoid controlling the process where it isn’t necessary. For example, it might make more sense to pack one part of the room before another. But if your teen can do it differently, it still finishes the task.

2. Offer an Incentive

For you, packing is the work that you do to be able to enjoy your new home. Still, you might choose to reward yourself for a hard work day. You can do the same for your teen.

Think about incentives that you can offer to help your teen start the process. For example, a reward for a certain amount of work might be just the ticket.

Remember to set rewards based on your teen’s age and interests. That way, they’ll be more likely to work.

3. Encourage Group Work

Doing chores is much more enjoyable when you have someone to do it with you. In addition, many teens enjoy hanging out with friends, even if they have responsibilities simultaneously.

If possible, allow your team to spend time with their friends while they pack. Even an opportunity to Skype or FaceTime could be sufficient.

You might also consider packing with your teen. For example, put on an enjoyable movie and have them bring drawers to the living room to pack while you work on another space nearby.

4. Set a Moving Budget

When you start getting ready to move, you may set a budget for new furnishings or décor. You should do the same for your teen.

Give them information about the new room, and set a budget for things they can buy to accessorize.

Try to withhold judgment unless their choices are dangerous or otherwise unacceptable. Teens learn by trying things out and making mistakes.

5. Sell Extra Stuff

If your teen is outgrowing many expensive belongings, it’s worth evaluating whether they can sell those items. For example, a yard sale or a few listings on eBay might help fund a new room.

Make sure that the items are in good condition and worth selling. Consider selling old collections in batches to earn more money from each sale.

Family Moving

Getting your teens to pack is challenging, but you can do it. Contact us for a free quote for more advice on your upcoming move.


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