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The First Things to Do When You Move into a New House

The first few days after your household move can be overwhelming. You have many tasks to do. Here are some of the tasks you should do right away.

Do a Walkthrough

If possible, walk through your new house before moving, while it is empty of furnishings. Make sure agreed-upon repairs have been made and the appliances you expect are there. See whether outlets and switches work. Take a tape measure to measure the space to ensure your furniture will fit.

Deep Clean and Replace Filters

Deep clean your new home before the furniture arrives to make it sparkle. Refinish hardwood floors if necessary. Clean refrigerator coils with a coil cleaning brush and vacuum so that your refrigerator will operate more efficiently.

If appropriate, replace furnace and air conditioning filters —clean air conditioning evaporators and condensers.

Change the Locks

You have no way of knowing how many strangers might have received keys from the previous occupants. Changing the locks is a safe practice. Consider having all the locks work with a single key.

Find Emergency Functions

Locate your circuit breaker or fuse box and water valve. Notice the location of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, then check to ensure they work properly. If you have a sump pump, test it. Plan an escape route for family members in case of fire. Know where you would shelter in case of a tornado or hurricane.

Ensure Safety for Children and Pets

Before your children and pets come into the home, be sure the environment is safe for them. Check for sharp edges, outlets, open doors, and windows. Install safety gates if necessary, keep curtain cords short, and cut through the dangerous loops.

Develop an Unpacking Plan

Decide which boxes you need to unpack first. Otherwise, you may spend an entire day unpacking only to have no pans, silverware, sheets, or towels unearthed at the end. Decide what you need, then unpack with those priorities in mind.

Make One Room a Sanctuary

Choose one room that doesn’t require much work and can serve as a refuge and sanctuary. Unpack furniture and comfort articles for that room early. You’ll have a place to relax at the end of those early moving days.

Set Up A Security System

Home security systems can usually be set up quickly and bring considerable peace of mind. However, the extensiveness is up to you and can range from simple window and door alarms to a complete system, including cameras. Tools can help you gauge the safety of your neighborhood to determine what you need to feel safe.

Announce Your Change of Address

If you haven’t already done so, notify all the critical agencies of your address change. Next, have your mail forwarded and update your address with your bank and credit card providers. Then, schedule a trip to the DMV to register your car and change your driver’s license. Also, share your new address with friends and family.

Meet the Neighbors

If you’re lucky — new neighbors might greet you bearing food gifts. Taking a break from unpacking boxes to meet your neighbors is also a good goal during your first few days.

Relocation Assistance

You are sure to have a long moving to-do list. Let us help make your upcoming move simple. We can handle the packing and heavy lifting. Contact us today for a free quote




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