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5 Ways to Wind Down After Packing for a Move

Are you planning a household move? Like many people relocating, you will spend many evenings packing boxes. The trouble is that getting to sleep after a lot of physical activity can be challenging. So you may need a way to unwind.

Follow these five tips to relax your muscles and your mind after spending time packing.

1. Wash Up

Packing is still a dirty business, even if you think your items are clean. You’re likely to get covered in dust, dirt, and sweat.

Give yourself time to take a bath or a shower. Use a special soap or scrub that will help to relax you. At the very least, wash your hands, then change into clean pajamas.

If you’re packing in your bedroom, you might need to vacuum or change your bedding. You’ll sleep better that way.

2. Stretch Your Muscles

You wouldn’t do a hard workout and ignore the cool-down process. Since packing is similar, you’ll need to have a physical wind-down process for it, too.

Take at least 10 minutes to stretch various muscles. Don’t rush through or push harder than feels natural. If it helps, put on a yoga video or guided meditation.

Don’t forget your arms, shoulders, and neck. Stretching them will help to loosen tight spots and keep them limber for tomorrow.

3. Turn Down Lighting

It would help if you had good lighting for packing, but you don’t have to keep the lights on when you stop. Instead, turn down the lighting as soon as you finish tidying the room. When you see dim lighting, your body starts getting ready for rest.

Of course, instantly, you don’t have to go from stadium-level lighting to darkness. If you can, give yourself an hour to gradually decrease the brightness.

4. Put Away Technology

When you finally have some time to relax, it’s easy to get stuck on your phone. But endless scrolling can keep you up or even give you more stress.

Instead, choose a quiet activity that you can do that doesn’t require your phone. For example, reading a book or working a puzzle is a good idea.

If you must use technology, consider changing the color temperature from blue to brown. Blue lighting wakes you up, which is the opposite of what you want now.

5. Play Soft Music

Sometimes, you need another tool that can help train your brain to relax. Again, soft music is a great option.

You don’t have to play certain kinds of music, such as classical music. You can play almost anything you like. However, remember that music with a loud beat or fast tempo might not help.

If you don’t want to play music, consider another type of white noise. Even a podcast with a soft-speaking narrator would work.

Ease Your Moving Challenges

 Winding down mentally and physically after you pack is an excellent way to make the work more sustainable. Contact us for a free quote and learn more about how to plan your upcoming move.


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