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Moving Into a Bigger House? Some Pros and Cons to Consider

Are you considering moving into a larger house? While relocating to a larger home can have advantages, there might also be downsides. Knowing what you’re about to get into with a larger house can help you plan for your upcoming relocation. You should consider whether a larger home is right for you.

Pro: Your Family Will Have More Living Space

Are your kids sharing bedrooms? Are you constantly tripping over furniture or your one dog? With a larger home, your family will have more living space and more places to spread out. However, before you start searching for a larger home, make a list of “must-haves” so you’ll be able to find a house with enough space.

Con: You’ll Need More Furniture

Generally, a more spacious house requires more furniture. Wait until you’ve got a property in mind before buying more furniture. This way, you’ll be able to buy furniture strategically to ensure what you purchase fits in your new spaces. Then, to save on relocation costs, make arrangements to buy the furniture and have it delivered straight to your new house, rather than having it delivered to your old house and then moved when the time comes.

Pro: Larger Yard Means More Space for Kids to Play

If you have children, you know that living in a small space can be challenging. However, living in a bigger home with a larger yard means you’ll be able to send kids out to play. Also, if you’re tired of fighting for peace and quiet in a small space, having a larger home will do wonders for you and other household members.

Even on days when you don’t send children out to play, having a larger space in your home means that your children can spread out more and probably get along better. For example, if your kids often get rowdy indoors, look for a home with a rec room, family room, or space for a toy room where you can send the kids to play. Then, even if your kids won’t get away from each other, you’ll be able to send them to their own place where you don’t have to worry about noise and mess.

Con: Bigger Homes Require More Maintenance

Be ready to maintain your new house – from cleaning to yard maintenance. You’ll need to either do the maintenance yourself or you’ll need to hire some pros to do it for you. Budget for the upcoming work—whether you’re setting aside money to pay professionals or doing the work yourself.

Pro: More Storage Space

One advantage of a larger home is usually more storage space. Whether the closets are more plentiful and deeper or you have additional space in the garage, a larger house might bring added areas to keep extra clothing, decorations, or keepsakes.

Con: Accumulate More Stuff

The more storage areas you have, sometimes the more stuff you find to fill them with. So keep in mind when you move—it pays to keep a handle on the clutter. 

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