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6 Ways to Reduce Office Moving Stress

An office move can be stressful, regardless of whether the relocation is just down the street or to another state. A well-managed move, however, can lower the stress level. Here are six tips for managing your office move.

1. Start Preparing Early

Start planning at least three months before the move, preferably six months out. An office move affects every aspect of your business. Start by developing a plan that includes logistics and communication with employees, customers, and suppliers. Then, appoint a move coordinator and team to manage the move.

2. Communicate

Communication is key to a seamless move and a successful relaunch in your new location. Notify employees about the relocation as soon as possible, using clear language. Be prepared to answer questions about commuting, parking, nearby banks, eateries, child care, and gyms. If the move involves employee relocation, know which employees you want to encourage to make a move and the relocation package you can offer when you announce the move.

Use letters, email, and social media to notify customers, stressing how the move benefits them. If you have clients, you may wish to call them ahead of time. Remember to change your digital address after the move. Notify suppliers using letters and email.

3. Consider Electronics

Consider which electronics are worth moving and which you should replace. If selling or donating old equipment, be sure to purge it of all company and personal data first.

Once you’ve determined the equipment in your new office, work with the IT department to ensure the new office is set up with the appropriate cabling and outlets. Next, work with IT to develop a plan to shut down electronics in your new space and bring them up again in the new office.

4. Plan for Coverage

If possible, plan the move for downtime, such as a weekend, to minimize the effect on operations and customer service. Designate an employee to be an emergency contact and ensure that the employee has the resources to respond to customer requests, perhaps by working remotely from home during the move. Let customers know that you may be slower in responding to requests during the time of the move.

5. Deep Clean the Office

Corners and crannies can be challenging to clean once you move the furniture in, so deep clean the new space beforehand. Check the lease for your old building to determine whether you must clean it as well.

6. Hire Professional Movers

An office move is complicated. If done poorly, the company can lose several days of operations and offend customers and employees. Professional commercial movers can help ensure the move is done efficiently and relieve considerable stress on your staff.

When interviewing movers, ask for references from companies whose businesses are similar to yours. Then call and verify the movers’ credentials and performance.

The Bottom Line

You can help an office move smoothly and relieve considerable stress by carefully planning and following these tips. Then, contact our office for a free moving quote. We can help plan, coordinate, and complete your office move.



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