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5 Things to Put in an Essentials Box for Toddlers

Relocating with kids tends to complicate everything. This includes the moving essentials box.

An essentials box provides everything you need for your first day or two in your new home. The contents may look very different for infants and young children.

Here are five things that you should plan to put in an essentials box for the youngest members of your family.

1. Bedding

Toddlers tend to be picky about their bedding. They may have a favorite blanket, pillow, and plush animals that they sleep with every night.

It’s a good idea to pack the essential items for sleep in an accessible bag for you to grab. It might need to be a separate bag or box, depending on size.

If your move involves a hotel stay, set up the bedding as close to normal as you can. Your child will find it easier to get to sleep that way.

2. Toys and Entertainment

Toddlers lose interest in what they are doing and get bored quickly. This can be dangerous, particularly if you have movers walking in and out.

Set aside a handful of toys. Choose a couple of favorites mixed in with some new or unfamiliar toys.

It’s not a bad idea to include a device your toddler can use to watch a short children’s show or listen to music. This distraction might afford you a crucial 15 minutes here and there.

3. Snacks

When many things happen around the house, mealtime can quickly fly out the window. You might try hard to stick to a routine, but there’s a good chance that you will miss a meal or snack during the move.

Pack a bag of healthy, shelf-stable snacks that your toddler likes. Now is not the time to introduce something new. Instead, pick things that you know your child will eat.

Consider packing a small cooler if you need access to cold storage for milk, cheese, or yogurt.

4. Toiletries

Which toiletries you need to include depends on your toddler. If they are not toilet-trained yet, ensure that you have plenty of diapers or pull-ups and wipes. Also, don’t forget soap for your hands, particularly if you’re changing on the road.

Toddlers who can use the toilet may not necessarily be willing to use one during transport. Therefore, if your travel involves many rest stops, consider bringing a travel toddler toilet that you can empty in the rest stop bathroom.

5. Clothes

For an adult, clothing in an essentials box might include a single spare outfit and possibly a pair of pajamas. You might need more for toddlers, who are notoriously messy and accident-prone.

Aim for comfortable clothing that fits your child well and that they enjoy wearing. It’s tempting to buy them a new outfit for the occasion, but this can trigger anxiety or discomfort.

You don’t have to pack their whole wardrobe. Two sets of changes are probably enough, especially if you have access to laundry facilities.

Moving Made Easy

Packing an essentials box for a toddler may be larger than one for an adult. But, having everything available that your child needs for the move will reduce your stress. To request a quote for your upcoming relocation, contact us today.



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