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Critical Strategies For Moving During Rainstorms

Most people hope for blue skies and moderate temperatures for their moving day; however, rain is always possible. Those who enjoy flexible moving dates may prefer to postpone. But the busy schedules of professional moving companies and house closing dates usually mean families will need to make the best of the wet weather.

That’s why it’s in everyone’s best interest to hope for the best and prepare for torrential downpours. First, consult with your moving company to see how they handle moving in the rain. But if you are managing the move on your own, consider the following proactive measures.

1. Check the Weather Report

First, track the weather report for the days before your move. While this is not always completely accurate, it is an excellent way to know what might be coming and prepare for it. 


Dressing appropriately for your move is also essential. You should plan your moving attire for the weather situation. Keep rain gear unpacked and available in case you need it, including shoes with good traction and gloves so that your hands don’t slip.

2. Protect Furniture and Belongings From Water

Many home furnishings are not designed to stand up to water. For example, antique wooden furniture may no longer possess effective protective coatings and cushioned sofas and comfy chairs, among others, absorb liquid and take on a foul odor. In addition, electronic devices could suffer irreparable damage if heavy rains soak motherboards and chips.

Protecting belongings from downpours does not necessarily need to be labor-intensive or expensive. For example, plastic products such as large trash bags can provide good protection. In addition, putting electronics and items that won’t rip the plastic inside and securing the bag with duct tape often proves effective.

Wrap your furniture in moving blankets, then wrap the entire item in shrink wrap to protect it. Covering the furniture with moving pads and then plastic wrap will keep the moving pads dry. Ensure that there are no leaks inside the moving van and that it is protected from rain entering the back of the truck when you are loading it.


3. Deploy Water-Resistant and Absorbent Mats

Tracking mud into the home remains an almost inevitable outcome of moving during a rainstorm. Regardless of how thoroughly people wipe off the soles of their shoes, the house’s interior will turn into a muddy mess.

Once you determine rain is a strong possibility on your moving day, purchase tarps. Stretch them from the moving truck to where movers will be entering your homes, both old and new. Cardboard boxes laid flat and old towels can work to protect your home too.

One strategy is to have some movers inside the house with others outside to pass the moving boxes to one another without walking inside the house with wet, muddy shoes. Also, make sure that you have extra towels for people to dry off with as the day goes on.

4. Create a Weather-Proof Pathway

If the building has a porch or deck with an overhang, the moving vehicle may back up and deploy the ramp on it. This strategy eliminates the need to carry personal belongings through the rain.

In some scenarios, a moving truck can back up close to the primary entryway. This may create an opportunity to erect a waterproof passageway between the home and the moving vehicle using tarps that come upwards of 20-feet or longer.

By draping them over the rear end of the moving truck and fastening the other end above the home’s exit, you can create a water-resistant corridor. The expense of purchasing a few large tarps may prove more cost-effective than shrink-wrap and rolls of trash can liners. Putting up those tarps may involve getting drenched. But the good news is that shower pales by comparison to hours of moving.

Moving Help Makes it Easier

No one can predict the weather weeks or months in advance, which means people who are moving could get soaked. The possibility of drawing rain or severe weather ranks among the reasons why enlisting the help of professionals makes sense. For assistance with your next move, reach out to us for a price quote. We can help with your upcoming move, rain or shine.


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