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Dealing With Setting up Utilities When Moving

Utilities like electric, water, and cable service help make a home habitable. Setting up utilities in your new home should be one of the first steps for your residential move. The process for canceling existing utilities and establishing new utilities can start about three weeks before your move, making it one of the more manageable tasks to accomplish before the big move day. 

Below, let’s take a closer look at the process for establishing utility service in your new home.

Identify Your New Utilities

Before deciding which new utilities you’ll need in your new house, you’ll want to identify which ones already exist—knowing if your new home has gas, electricity, cable, or satellite. Sometimes, talking to your real estate agent or the prior owner can help establish the necessary service type. Once you’ve identified the new utilities, devise a plan for setting up the service.

Transfer or Start Fresh?

Sometimes, transferring your service to your new address might be possible. This option is usually viable if you only move a short distance or the utility company services a large area. Transferring service instead of simply discontinuing service and starting fresh at your new address has several pros and cons. Some significant benefits include a smoother process and a transferred deposit. Alternatively, the downside of transferring your service instead of starting a new one could be losing out on new service promotions and offers that could save a healthy chunk of money.

Current Utility Company

Before you move to your new home, you must notify your current moving company that you are leaving your current address. Notify your current utility company of your moving day and the date that services can be transferred to the new owners. Be sure to give your utility company plenty of notice so they have time to make the necessary adjustments. At this point, you’ll always want to ensure that you pay any remaining balances in full.


When discontinuing your service at your old home or apartment, inquire about any remaining deposits on your account. Several utility companies will require a deposit at the start of the service, which you’ll receive after you conclude your service. Many utility companies will issue a check for the returned deposit, so ensure the utility company has your new address.

Contact New Companies

You’ll want to identify the new companies in your area that provide your necessary utilities. Remember that some areas have multiple electric, cable, or internet provider options. Once you have selected your essential services, contact your companies at least three weeks in advance to set up a date and time for the new service.

Remember that summers are usually jam-packed with many people moving, and delays may be longer than usual for new services. Try to be at your new home when technicians transfer the utility service to help make a smooth transition.

Get Moving Assistance

Getting settled into your new house quickly will help you feel at home. A reliable moving company can help expedite the moving process. Contact us today to get a free moving quote on your next move. With the right team supporting your relocation, you’ll be able to get settled and adjusted quickly and easily.


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