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Tips for Relocating Your Home Office During a Residential Move

Moving a home office to a new location adds to your residential moving stress. Not only are you uprooting your entire family to a new house, but you might be moving your livelihood, too. With careful planning, it’s possible to resume work quickly, even amid your relocation. Below, look at some of the best practices to follow when moving your home office.

Create a Plan

Before moving to your new home office, you must construct a careful plan for the move. For example, start by taking a detailed inventory of everything that needs to move. You’ll want to prioritize your essential items. Pack these items last in your old home and unpack them first in your new home office. Keep computers and chargers together, so you don’t have to rummage through boxes searching for random cords and chargers.

Back-Up Data

Accidents can happen even with the most careful moves. Before you pack your home office, back up your computer data. Keep a hard copy of the data and a copy stored in the cloud to access data and files immediately. Backing up your data is critical. You can never be too safe when it comes to your work.

Carefully Pack

Many home offices have delicate hardware like computers, tablets, monitors, and printers. Make sure to accumulate all the necessary packing supplies and pack your items carefully. Use plenty of bubble wrap to protect delicate electronics and cord organizers to keep long cables tidy and wrapped.

Designate New Office

You want to plan your new home office carefully. Pick a quiet room in the house that allows you to concentrate on your work. Remember to think about where the wireless router will be in your home so that you’ll have a good signal in your office. Consider outlet locations before setting up your desk and electronics. Because you’re starting fresh, this is the perfect time to create an office that works best for you.

Set Up Utilities Before the Move

Ensure you set up your utilities before moving so you can hit the ground running on your moving day. You, of course, want to have your power and your internet live. Contact your internet provider before your move to ensure the speed, signal strength, and set-up date so that you can immediately set up your new office.

Cable and Cord Management

Setting your office up in a new home is the perfect time to practice suitable cable and cord management in your office. As you wire your new office together, take special care to carefully route, wrap, and secure all your loose cords. If you have several cables, consider labeling each to identify the cable in the future quickly. Several products are available to help with better cord management that can lead to a neat and tidy office.

Making Your Move

Moving a home office can be easy with careful planning and flawless execution. Let our team help with your next move. We are happy to give you a quote for a seamless home office relocation. With our professional team, we will get you back in business faster. Contact us for a free quote.



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