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How to Prepare for Moving with a Toddler

The toddler years can be a mash-up of everything exciting and everything to frazzle your nerves as a parent. Your little one is learning how to talk, walk, argue back, and climb. These growing kids can be out of your sight in a matter of seconds, unnerved by the simplest things, and moody when things don’t go their way.

If you discover you have to move during the toddler years with your child, the situation can get a little stressful. Kids under six may be better equipped emotionally to face the move than older children, but the process can bring along some challenges for you just the same. So here are a few tips to help soothe the transition for your toddler.

Explain to Your Toddler What’s Happening in Simple Terms 

Somewhere around the second birthday, most toddlers will start to understand short sentences and simple concepts. Therefore, you should explain what is happening when you are facing a household move. Again, use simple words and ideas to clarify so your toddler doesn’t get alarmed. For example, when packing their toys into moving boxes, explain to your child that they are not going into the trash but instead going to your new house. 

Take a Break from Other Changes Amid the Move 

If you are still in the middle of things like potty training or breaking your toddler from a pacifier, put off these little training efforts until you get moved. While each small task on its own may not be a significant feat, when changes are combined, a toddler can be more stressed. Not to mention, things can get tough on you. For example, if you’re in the process of transitioning your toddler to their own bed amid trying to pack, you can lose much-needed sleep. So expect a little regression from your toddler during the transition.

Make a Few New Visits to the New Place, Along With a Few Toys 

If possible, plan a few trips to your new house before you are set to move. These visits can be an excellent time to introduce the toddler to the new environment to grow familiar with their surroundings. In addition, a perfect way to make the house feel more like home is to allow your child to pick a few toys they would like to take to the new home. 

Move Your Toddler’s Bedroom Last 

If your toddler is already sleeping in their own bedroom, this space can be a special place of comfort for them. Therefore, try to see moving the bulk of everything from the room until the final day of the move. Leave bedroom furniture and favorite toys, so your toddler has a safe space to go if the rest of the house is being torn apart. Then make setting up their room a priority at the new home.

Get a Sitter for Moving Day 

Moving day is the culmination of everything you’ve been planning, and it can get pretty hectic. Enlisting a sitter specifically for your moving day can make the process a lot easier to handle. In addition, you won’t have to stress about keeping your toddler in your line of sight when so many other things are going on. 

Need Help from Professional Movers?

A move with a toddler can bring along unique challenges, but professional movers can free up your hands to tend to what is most important. Contact us so we can get you a free moving quote to get started.  


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