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Your Guide to Essential Moving Supplies

As your relocation day approaches, you need to prepare. However, with so many variables and components to consider, how can you know that you’re not missing anything? 

When it comes to moving supplies, we have you covered. This article will discuss the essential moving supplies that make any transition as smooth and effortless as possible. 

Boxes and Storage Containers

First, you need to have enough boxes to store your belongings. Otherwise, how can you bring everything from one place to the next? That said, not all boxes and storage containers are the same. Here’s a quick rundown of the types of bins you may need for your move. 

  • Various sized Moving Boxes – 
    • Large  – to hold bulky yet lightweight items like pillows and blankets
    • Medium – for things like towels and decorative items
    • Small – to pack books and DVDs and heavier items
  • Bankers Boxes – These units are perfect catch-alls for anything that can’t fit elsewhere. Banker’s boxes are ideal for holding documents and notebooks if you get file dividers. 
  • Plastic Bins – Clear plastic bins are excellent for holding toys and essential items. Since you can see through the sides, it’s much easier to know what’s inside. But they can make stacking on a truck a challenge.
  • Heavy-Duty Containers – These rugged pieces work well for long-term storage. Use them for items you might not have to unpack for a while, such as seasonal decorations or gear. 

Packing Tape and Bubble Wrap

Putting your items into boxes is just one step – you also have to secure both the containers and the belongings inside. Packing paper and bubble wrap help protect your possessions so that they make it to your new place intact. Otherwise, you could damage most of your stuff, especially your fragile belongings

Packing tape is also necessary for keeping boxes from opening by accident. While you can try to fold the flaps, so they don’t come undone, that tactic is always doomed to fail. The high-quality tape will always work better, and it’s much easier to reuse the box as necessary. 

Markers and Tags

The primary issue with moving boxes is that you can’t see what’s inside. Ideally, you can create itemized lists of each box’s contents so that you don’t have to dig through them when you arrive. If that’s too much work, marking the sides and top with the room the box goes in can help with packing and organizing. 

The benefit of using packing tags is that you can stuff each box with different items later. Otherwise, you have to cross out the old title and re-write it, which can look messy and confusing. 

Pro Tip: Label every box with a destination room location at your new home.

Hand Trucks and Dollies

Unless you plan to carry all of your containers, you need some way to move them around easily. For example, you should use hand trucks with straps to carry more boxes at once. Also, convertible models enable you to transport boxes of all shapes and sizes, provided that you have a flat surface. 

Cleaning Supplies

If you have the time and energy, clean all of your belongings before packing them away. Doing this ensures that you can settle in faster. Also, the psychology of cleaning can make the whole transition feel more positive and efficient. 

Get Help For Your Next Move

Whether you have these supplies or not, the chances are that you need help moving. Don’t wait on friends and family to help – let us take care of everything for you! Contact us for a free quote today.


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