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Tips for Moving from Washington, DC to Miami

Are you considering a relocation from Washington, DC to Miami, FL? Perhaps you have accepted a new position in this Florida hub, or maybe retirement is calling you to the sunny beaches of Miami. With tropical weather year-round, the home to numerous major industries, and no income tax, Miami, Fl is an ideal choice for relocating. 

Here’s how to prepare for your upcoming household move from Washington, DC, to Miami.

Research the Area

Researching your new hometown or city is essential to identify if it’s the proper fit for you and your family. 

Miami is a multicultural center, and it’s considered a leader in global finance, commerce, arts, culture, tourism, media, and entertainment. But, perhaps Miami’s diversity is best displayed through its unique neighborhoods and suburbs. Now boasting almost 500,000 people, Miami, FL, has opportunity and convenience for many. 

Begin Preparations Early

Prepare for your relocation from Washington, DC to Miami by contacting professional household movers to obtain quotes for your move. Lock in your moving dates early to ensure you have the help you need for an interstate move.

Then begin the packing process by culling through your belonging to eliminate unnecessary items. There is no need to clutter up your new living space with things you no longer need or use. For instance, since you will be moving to a warmer climate, consider donating your cold-weather clothes to a local charity and unused nonperishable food to Move for Hunger.

Create a Moving Plan

Your moving plan will be your go-to for staying on schedule during the moving process. In addition, it will help you to remember some of the most critical objectives.

Your moving plan should include a timeline that indicates what you need to do in the days leading up to the move. For example, list the weeks and days you have before your move and note what you need to accomplish by specific dates and what you must do on certain days. 

Here’s an example: 

  • 4 Weeks Before Moving Day – Start decluttering, secure packing supplies, notify your landlord
  • 3 Weeks Before Moving Day – Contact utility companies at the current and new residence, pack garage, clean out the attic 
  • 2 Weeks Before Moving Day – Schedule child care and a pet sitter for moving day, arrange for an appliance technician 
  • Days Before the Move – Finish packing the bathrooms, kitchen, create moving essentials boxes 
  • Moving Day – Make sure you finish packing before the movers arrive, clear pathways inside and out 

Develop a Moving Budget

A lot goes into a moving budget, from the small things like securing packing supplies to significant objectives like hiring professional movers for help. It’s essential to have a budget to keep you on track financially and know how much your move will cost. Be proactive and establish your moving budget early in your moving process. This will help you determine how much money you will need. Remember to also plan for incidentals. The trick is to create the budger then stick to it.

Arrange for Your Utilities

Moving involves many details. Arranging for the shut-off and set-up of your utilities is vital, especially when you are making a long-distance move from Washington, DC to Miami, FL. Neglecting to turn off your utilities at your old home can be costly, and forgetting to have them started at your new place can be overwhelming. When making your plans, be sure to include the following utilities:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water and sewer
  • Internet
  • Cable or Satellite TV
  • Garbage pickup and recycling

Get Ready to Enjoy Your New Community

If you are ready to leave Washington, DC behind for the vibrant lifestyle of Miami — now is an ideal time. Miami has a ton to offer — outdoor activities, parks, beaches, and so much more.

Rodi Moving & Storage can help with your storage needs once you arrive in Miami, while our partner STAR International Movers can help with your long-distance move to get you here. Moving to a brand new state demands additional expertise, service capabilities, and nationwide support beyond a local move. To ensure you have a stress-free move, contact STAR International Movers today for a free quote. STAR is ready to help you with your move.



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