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Moving Terms Glossary – 8 Top Terms to Know

Organizing a move involves a lot of work, and it’s easy to let things fall to the wayside. However, you don’t want to miss one crucial task — preparing to sign your moving contract. The better you understand the terminology in the agreement, the more comfortable you’ll feel with your decisions. It’ll also increase your ability to ask the right questions of concern. Plus, you’ll know exactly what to expect!

Here are eight moving terms we think it’s essential anyone planning a move should know before signing on the dotted line.

1. Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is a contract between the customer and the moving company. In essence, it establishes the terms and conditions of the move. It also grants the moving company permission to transport customer possessions while simultaneously providing a receipt to the customer.

2. Binding Estimate

This is a document drawn up by the moving company before the move and itemizes the total cost of the relocation. The binding estimate is precisely as it sounds; it’s the final quote. No matter what else comes up during the move, a moving company must honor the quoted flat rate.

3. Non-Binding Estimate

Like a binding estimate, this is a contract drawn up by the moving company. Still, instead of a flat rate, it’s an approximate cost based on the estimated weight of the property to be moved and any additional services contracted. The actual final price is fluid since it depends upon specific circumstances.

4. Advanced Charges

If a customer requests moving services from a third party, these are initially paid by the contracting moving company and then added to the customer’s Bill of Lading.

5. Virtual Surveys

The popularity of virtual surveys is growing by the day. Essentially, it’s a way for customers to obtain a moving estimate through video chat, which you can do from laptops or mobile devices. The customer makes an appointment, and the estimate is made remotely without scheduling a home visit.

6. Full-Service Packing and Unpacking

Most full-service moving companies offer several services, including packing and unpacking. This entails that the mover packs all household belongings and preps them for transport to the new home. Upon arrival, they unload all the boxes and furniture and unpack them. Generally, the fee for this service is inclusive of containers, labor, and removal of debris.

7. Packing Date

The packing date is the scheduled date a mover comes to prepare designated possessions for transport. It usually takes place the day before a move, but always double-check with the mover.

8. Cancelation Fee

Customers who cancel a confirmed move may be subjected to a cancelation fee, especially if done just before the scheduled move. Check with the mover to learn their cancelation policy if there’s a possibility the move may not take place as expected.

Let Us Handle Your Upcoming Move!

Before signing a contract, these are just a handful of critical moving terms to know. For a free quote, contact us today. Then, we can get your relocation done right, on time, and within your budget. 


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