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Tips for Labeling Moving Boxes

The secret to moving success is preparation and organization. Being prepared and organized helps ensure you experience an efficient, stress-free move. To achieve a hassle-free move, you can do many things, including making checklists and creating an organizational plan. 

Part of your plan should involve efficient packing, which includes appropriately labeling your moving boxes. Labeling boxes help you know what is in each and where you should put each carton in your new home.  Here are some tips on how to mark your moving boxes to help you stay organized.

Gather the Right Supplies

Make sure you have the following items available when you start packing your boxes.

  • Good-quality waterproof markers in various colors
  • Pre-printed labels with room names
  • “Fragile” labels

Label Every Side of the Box

Once packed, place a label on every side of each box. Include a brief list of contents and the room you want it put in at your new home. Labeling every side of each moving box will save you time determining what is inside and which room to place it in. In addition, you and your movers can still see the box’s vital information by tagging every side of the box, no matter how the boxes are stacked. 

Use a Color-Coding System

Another excellent method to label boxes is to create a color-coding system. For example, assign a color to each room of the home. Then label boxes for those rooms with the appropriate color. Using a color code system, you can quickly identify when a box is out of place and in the wrong room. 

Use Numbers

Another option is to use numbers to label your boxes and keep detailed track of what’s inside each one in your moving notebook. Writing numbers on the sides of boxes help keep the contents inside unknown to any onlookers. Additionally, this system helps when you need to keep a detailed inventory of what is inside each moving carton, especially when there is not enough room on the side of the box to write it all down. 

Mark Fragile Boxes

Label all boxes containing breakable items as “fragile” or “handle with care.” Marking boxes with fragile contents indicates to those helping you move to be careful handling those boxes. Labeling fragile items also help when loading them on the truck. This signals the movers to pack them so that they don’t place heavy boxes on top.

Note All Essential Boxes

If you are packing essential boxes that you do not intend to have in your car with you, make sure you label those moving boxes clearly. For example, write “Essentials Box” on the sides, place those boxes in a specified area, then let your movers know those boxes should be loaded last so that they come off the truck first. 

Label it Right

Labeling boxes can help keep your items organized before, during, and after your move. In addition, we can help make your upcoming move hassle-free. Contact us today for a quote and information about the moving services we offer. 



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