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Tips for Moving in Extreme Heat

People often say that summer is the best time to move. But, unfortunately, they’re not always thinking about the heat.

Moving in extreme temperatures can complicate the whole process. You want to protect everything and avoid burning out.

With these tips, you’ll know what needs extra care and how to take care of yourself.

Pack in Cooler Weather

Packing takes a lot out of you. It’s heavy, sweaty work at the best of times.

If you’re packing in the middle of summer, set a schedule that maximizes the coolest hours. Most of the time, that’s in the early morning. Limit the amount of time, take frequent breaks, and don’t forget to hydrate.

Avoid packing unairconditioned rooms during the hottest part of the day. You could get sick from the heat without realizing it, especially if you’re packing alone.

Make Everyone Safe

Extreme heat can be dangerous, so it’s essential to look for warning signs

The signs of heat-related illnesses usually start with excessive sweating and tiredness. As they get worse, you might feel confused, nauseated, clammy, and have a severe headache. Small children, older people, and pets are more likely to get sick.

If you’re doing most of the work by yourself, plan to check in with close friends or family members regularly. They’ll be able to tell if you’re acting oddly or sound like you need help.

Evaluate the Possibility of Damage

It’s not just people and pets who are at risk from high temperatures during a move. Some of your belongings might not survive the trip.

Things like technology, medicine, cosmetics, and batteries might melt or break down once they reach a specific temperature. And you should remember that the temperature inside a vehicle might be considerably higher than the air outside.

If you can, plan to transport these items separately. You may also be able to load them on another date. Ask if your moving company offers temporary storage in an air-conditioned space.

Keep Utilities Running

It’s tempting to shut off your utilities as quickly as possible to save on the bill. However, in a heatwave, you’re better off giving yourself a few extra days. That way, you can keep the A/C running until you leave.

Contact the utility company for your new home and schedule services to start the day before you arrive. If you can, set the thermostat on an air conditioner or other cooling device so you don’t walk into a hothouse.

Consider Rescheduling During an Emergency

Professional movers know how to handle the typical outdoor environment better than most people. It’s one of the best reasons to hire them. But sometimes, extreme heat isn’t typical for the region.

If you’re heading for an epic heat spell that’s going to beat all the records, it’s worth rethinking your plan.

A few degrees higher might not make a big difference. But if your area is expecting temperatures 10 to 15 degrees more than average, you may want to call your moving company to get an opinion.

Moving in the Heat

Moving in high temperatures is challenging, but it doesn’t have to wreck you or your stuff. Contact us to find out the benefits of hiring professional movers for your next move.



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