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Moving in 2022? Steps to Get Ready Now

Are you moving in 2022? If so, then you should be getting ready for your upcoming relocation. You can do many things to plan for your move in the coming year. However, getting started on your relocation plans now will make your move easier when the time comes! Below are some valuable things you can do to take the load off when it’s time to relocate. 


Clutter gets in the way when it’s time to move—decluttering your home before your relocation can make packing easier. Decluttering also makes relocating cheaper, reducing the number of boxes to be moved. However, Decluttering can be a lengthy and involved process, so getting started early is important. 

Start by making a decluttering plan. First, declutter in your seasonal storage and in items that you don’t use on a day-to-day basis. If you haven’t used something in more than two years, it’s time to let it go. Once you’ve decluttered items that don’t get used regularly, start decluttering rooms that you use every day. Get rid of old bills, magazines, clothes you no longer wear, and more.  

Give yourself at least a few months to get through the decluttering process. Then, if possible, get help from other family members to do this. 

Start Saving

Relocations cost money. Make a relocation budget now, and if you need more savings to make your relocation happen, start saving now. Now is the time to start vetting movers to get quotes for your upcoming relocation. This will be an essential part of the saving and budgeting process.

Vet at least three movers before choosing the right moving company for you. If one moving company seems to cost a lot less than the others, ask yourself how they’re saving money so they can charge less. 

Talk Positive

Moving is a significant change, and for some people, moving can be very stressful. Therefore, when speaking about your upcoming relocation with your family members, talk positively about your relocation.

Discuss the things you’re looking forward to in your new home. For example, if you’re switching towns or moving to a new state, start pointing out positive things about these locations. This will help get your family members excited about the changes coming up. 

Gather Moving Supplies

You’re going to need many moving supplies for your move. Gathering them now will help make the packing process more manageable. Start saving boxes, markers, packing tape, and more. Gather extra of everything – you’re almost certain to need more than you think you’ll need.  

Pack Up Early

Start packing some of the items you know you won’t need between now and your relocation. Make a goal to fill a box a day for as long as you can until you run out of things you can practically pack or until you’re ready to move. 

Moving Soon? Contact a Reputable Moving Company Today

Working with a reputable moving company during your upcoming relocation is essential. To get started with your move, contact us to schedule a time for a consultation and a quote. 



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