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How to Wrap Breakables for Safe Transport When Relocating

As you pack your fragile belongings for your household move, you want to ensure you do this right so these valuable or sentimental items don’t break. It’s a job you do not want to rush or take shortcuts. To significantly reduce the chances of breakage, follow these tips to wrap your breakables for safe transport carefully.

Wrap Items Individually

Wrap each fragile piece individually to prevent cracks, breaks, or shattering. This way, your items don’t accidentally bump up against one another during shipping. The moving supplies you can use for packing include bubble wrap, peanuts, old newspapers, and packing paper, or, to be more eco-friendly, use old towels, clothing, or other packing supplies.

Position Heavy Items on the Bottom of the Box

Once you wrap your delicate belongings, use a strategy that places the heaviest items at the bottom of the box. Doing so ensures the larger or heavier items do not crush lighter or more fragile ones. Packing this way also provides enough weighted support at the bottom of the box to keep it from shifting during transport.

Use Correctly Sized Boxes

When packing breakable items, be sure to choose the right-sized boxes. Ideally, they should be sturdy and strong enough to hold the size and weight of the item(s) and have enough extra space to include packing materials for cushioning.

Don’t Overpack Boxes

Regardless of the size of your box, even if it’s large, be sure not to overpack because doing so increases the chances of breakage when transporting it to your new home. When items are too tight, they can easily break.

Use Extra Padding

Extra padding for fragile items provides additional protection, especially for valuable and sentimental items. It fills all available space in the box to prevent shifting while in a moving truck or personal vehicle. Be sure to place multiple layers of crumpled paper on the bottom of the box before placing your wrapped items inside. Then place several sheets of crumpled paper on top before sealing the box.

Tape the Bottom of the Boxes

Secure the bottom of your moving boxes with generous amounts of tape. This will make them stronger and less likely to come apart during the stacking of containers in the vehicle and when transported to your new home. Experts typically recommend using the “H” taping method for moving boxes.

Pro Tip: Be sure to use packing tape, not rope, duct tape, painters’ tape, etc.

Clearly Label Each Box

While you want to clearly label all of your boxes to identify the items inside, be sure to pay extra attention when labeling breakables. You want anyone moving the box to see that these boxes need careful handling immediately. Use a black or dark-colored Sharpie marker to mark the boxes as “fragile” and write “this side up” so it’s not accidentally placed upside down or on its side.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Upcoming Move?

It’s disappointing when sentimental or expensive items break due to improper packaging. It’s a timely task for sure. To save time and rest assured your breakables are correctly packed, our experienced movers have the knowledge and equipment to secure your fragile belongings to prepare them for transport.

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