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Moving to Puerto Rico as a Remote Worker

Remote working is becoming the norm in some companies, causing employees to rethink where they live. Ten years ago, you lived where your company was based, which is still valid for many.  But, if you are no longer bound to the geography of your employer, where would you like to live? Does near the beach of a Caribbean Island such as Puerto Rico sound good? 

Though remote workers have newfound freedom, many are emotionally bound to the contiguous 48 states. When it comes to moving, they envision driving for themselves and the moving truck. To take advantage of what remote working offers, break free of the “driving” paradigm. First, consider what you want in a remote location, and then figure out how to get there (more on that later.)


Remote workers require reliable telecommunication and internet services. One concern when considering moving to the Islands is the availability of internet services. While remote areas of the islands do not have satisfactory service, the main cities, and the surrounding regions do. Wireless 4G and even 5G services are available, and wired internet connection and wifi are also the norm. Therefore, Internet access is no longer a barrier to remote work in places like Puerto Rico.

Connecting with People

Working in even the most beautiful places can be difficult if you can’t meet people. Given the amount of time we spend working, being able to engage others in person may be important. Over the past few years, co-working places have been established across the country and in Puerto Rico. While the others might not work for your company, the co-work space allows people to interact directly with others.

These direct connections can also lead to more social interactions outside the space, helping you build a base of friends in your new hometown. In Puerto Rico, you’ll find people to be open and welcoming. Give yourself opportunities to interact with them, and you’re sure to create strong connections.


Puerto Rico is easily accessible. Many major airlines have direct flights from cities across the country, making it easier to get to than most people realize. So, while you may plan to stay for years, it is good to know that returning to the mainland for a visit will be no problem.

Living Arrangements

Like any city, San Juan and other locations have a variety of apartment rentals. These include furnished apartments and unfurnished ones. You can also try an AirBnB for a while to get familiar with different areas before committing to a long-term lease. You’re bound to find one that works for you with plenty of options.

Life Outside of Work

The benefit of remote work is that you can live in places that allow you a unique experience. That is what Puerto Rico has to offer. With beautiful beaches, great restaurants, music, art, and entertainment, there is no end to what you can do on the islands. Look at our article on three ways to get immersed when you move to Puerto Rico.

Moving to Puerto Rico

Once you’ve decided to move to Puerto Rico, contact us. With our headquarters in Miami, FL, and as part of one of the largest national van lines, we are uniquely positioned to move you from anywhere in the US to Puerto Rico. 


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